Get your personal items delivered from your home country​

Cross Border, Uget Delivers.

Uget is a unique delivery platform that allows people to send personal items with travelers already heading in the right direction, and create opportunities for cabin crew to make extra money.

Right now we deliver to Dubai.
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Sending With Uget

Need some documents or personal items to be delivered from anywhere in the world to Dubai at cost effective rates??

Travelling With Uget​

Travelling Often? Collect some personal items on request and earn money delivering them.

How it works

For Senders

Place your order In a few easy steps enter your item details, pick-up information, and delivery details.

Find a traveler from the list or simply wait until a traveler reaches out to you.

Coordinate Pick-Up with Traveler

Meet your traveler in Dubai and get your item Confirm receipt, and rate traveler

For Travelers

In a few easy steps enter your trip details.

Find orders matching your trip dates and location and send a request or receive a delivery request and accept it.

Meet with a sender at an agreed time and place. Check, take a photo, and collect the package.

Meet a Sender at a defined date and time Handover package, take photo and get paid.